Video Surveillance

Our security camera installation services include the ability to install IP or analog surveillance camera systems consisting of as little as 4 cameras right up to large-scale systems consisting of 300 cameras or more.

Camera systems help deter crime and reduce liability by providing an unbiased record of events. They can be installed on the exterior or interior of a building to monitor sensitive areas such as entrances, parking lots, cash rooms, or secure areas of a building. They can also be connected to access control systems to provide a record of who is entering and exiting a building.

Any type of business can benefit from a camera system, but the most common clients include hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools and retail stores.

analog camera

Analog Camera

For recording and live monitoring, analog cameras are connected back to the DVR. Analog CCTV systems are used to create a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors, with the help of wires and cables. Nowadays DVR has network connectivity that allows them to live stream videos via the network. Using management softwares, you can view this live streaming on a remote pc or mobile device.

IP Camera

IP cameras, also known as network cameras, are said to be the future of security camera technology. Designed specifically for surveillance, IP cameras can be connected to a wireless network or the Ethernet. The video stream gets recorded on a centralized NVR and can be viewed via the Internet. Using a PC or Mobile Device, multiple cameras at different locations can be monitored via the Internet.

Though IP camera-based systems are a bit more expensive, their superior quality makes them worth the investment. While older systems become obsolete, you will be able to upgrade and improve your IP cameras, as the surveillance technology of the future is expected to remain based on IP cameras for quite some time.