The TETRA System of Hytera

The TETRA radio system ACCESSNET®-T IP from Hytera provides all the advantages and the full feature set of the open ETSI-standard TETRA. The highly scalable and modular system covers all requirements of demanding and especially security-concerned users and provides the radio coverage and services you need – from smaller networks to nation-widepublic safety projects.

ACCESSNET-T IP in compliance with the specifications of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and it meets all of the requirements of the internationally recognized TETRA standards (Terrestrial Trunked Radio). Secure voice and data transmission as well as numerous features ensure adaptability of Hytera TETRA radio system to the demands of PMR users.

– Investing in ACCESSNET-T IP will reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), in terms of capital expenditures (CAPEX) as well as operational expenditures (OPEX).
– Efficient base stations with high receiver sensitivity, high transmit power and intelligent diversity optimize the link budget and significantly lower expenses for base station sites, as less are required
– Virtualization and COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) hardware reduce the hardware expenses while offering high performance at a lowered maintenance level
– Monitor and improve the system with administration software to optimize service expenses and use the network resources like frequencies most efficiently
– Benefit from Hytera´s long-term support and keep your investment safe with regular software updates

One key aspect beside the reliability of communication is the security of communication, especially in public safety sectors. Hytera´s radio system supports all the security features defined by the TETRA standard like air interface encryption (AIE), end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and authentication.

The system technology of ACCESSNET-T IP is scalable so that the system can grow over time. Depending on the requirements, the system offers options like e.g. different switching architectures, flexible synchronization mechanisms (GNSS, PTP), gateways and applications to make it “your” radio system.

The TETRA radio system from Hytera is state-of-the-art today and already prepared for the future, so your investment will be safe and can be used with capabilities like broadband data services. With Hytera, using LTE (Long Term Evolution) increases your possibilities like video streaming and to combine robust PMR with broadband capabilities.
No matter if you want to supplement your TETRA system with the PTTconnect app, converge LTE and PMR with Multi-mode Radios or connect multiple radio systems with SmartOne: We offer broadband today.

Hytera offers a complete TETRA portfolio including infrastructure, terminals, applications and accessories and is the most competent solution provider for your TETRA system.
From green field installations to network renewals, Hytera can offer turnkey solutions all from one hand for any needs and requirements.

Many components of ACCESSNET-T IP are running in virtual machines (VMs), as virtualization allows providing software independently from dedicated hardware – even multiple VMs can be combined to run on one hardware platform. Besides the high flexibility and scalability, VMs offer additional availability and redundancy mechanisms.

ACCESSNET-T IP perfectly supports the usage of your existing infrastructure to avoid additional costs and efforts.
Existing IP infrastructure can be used to interconnect the individual network elements
Existing user access control concepts, like e.g. rights/roles permissions, can be reused