A structured cabling system is as important to the success of your organization as the people who work in it. A well-planned structured cabling system facilitates the continuous flow of information, enables the sharing or resources, promotes smooth operations, accommodates ever-changing technology, offers plenty of room for growth, and evolves with your organization.
In essence, a structured cabling system is the lifeblood of your organization. If done right, it will serve you well for years. If not, your organization’s growth and bottom line can suffer. The importance of structured cabling has increased right alongside the growth of LANs, MANs and WANs. It started with individuals working on standalone PCs. It didn’t take long to connect those PCs into workgroups and then to connect those workgroups to a server. One server became multiple servers. And the rest is history. Today’s networks are complex systems running on technologies that no one could have imagined just 15 years ago.
A structured cabling system that’s smartly designed takes careful planning. Systems are more complex now than ever, and will get even more so as speed and bandwidth demands increase. The system you plan today will be supporting new and different applications for many years. Take your time, review everything and get ready for the future. For guaranteed quality products, expert advice and complete installations services, call Radik – Systems.