GIS Software Development

Radik – Systems delivers complete GIS software solutions for analyzing and using geospatial data depending on customer needs.
Our GIS software development services include:

  • Design and development of geospatial databases and applications according to customer requirements
  • GIS mapping software development
  • Applications related to spatial information systems
  • Development of location-based applications, including tracking and marking applications

Radik – Systems software projects are a fully integrated and configured solution based on open source software:

  • OpenLayer: Web map view
  • GeoServer: Geo spatial data
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Based maps: Open Street Map (OSM), Google map and other free maps … or Map file imported from other systems (Shapefiles).
  • Operating system: Ubuntu

With the above technologies we can create and manage points, lines and polygons on maps that can be easily applied in several business applications. We also implement the application with free technologies (such as JavaScript / JQuery, PHP, Apache …).