Hytera TC-700P

The TC-700P enables you to communicate exceptionally well even in loud environments.

Thanks to advanced audio processing and anti-interference technologies, the TC-700P provides you with exceptionally clear communication, even in environments that are loud and prone to radio interference. The multi-level safety mechanism also offers the optimal safety solution for critical applications.
To ensure the protection and safety of the user, the TC?700P provides important functions for critical applications, in emergencies or in the event of accidents with its lone worker, man down alarm and emergency alarm features.
With its transmitting power of up to 5watt the TC-700P achieves a large range.
Thanks to its powerful loudspeaker with an audio power output of up to 1.5 watt the TC-700P ensures clear replay even in a noisy environment. With the “whisper” feature the TC-700P transmits speech clearly even if the user speaks quietly.
The TC-700P supports two scan types: Normal scans and vote scans. Normal scans make it possible to listen to the transmissions from other channels, while the vote scan helps on establishing contact with the nearest base station.