Hytera PT310 TETRA radio

The Hytera PT310 is your entrance to the TETRA world.

The PT310 always stands up to the harshest environment and provides exceptional performances. A very-easy to handle and intuitive TETRA handheld radio which delivers superb audio quality no matter the working environment. With its simple user interface the PT310 provides users less distraction during voice communication to help with operational efficiency.


The Hytera PT310 radios come in two wide bands 320~475MHz, 806~870MHz. This makes them flexible and cost-efficient to use.
With water-porting technology, any water that gets into the speaker cavity is drained out easily, ensuring audio clarity is maintained. Coupled with this is a patented microphone aperture design, which prevents any wind noise interfering with transmissions.
The Hytera PT310 achieves a battery life of up to 22 hours when using the 3800 mAh lithium polymer battery to ensure communication during long periods of use.
Considering harsh outdoor or industrial areas, the PT310 with protection against dust and moisture according to IP68 as well as robustness in line with MIL-STD 810G is perfectly suited to any severe environment.
Two programmable keys can be assigned with special functions. Eyes-free operation is also possible supported by a rotary knob and voice announcement.