KENWOOD has produced high quality consumer electronics, test equipment and communication equipment since 1946. Since its foundation, the Company has operated the radio equipment business using the high-frequency technology, developing proprietary techniques and high know-how in the field of wireless communications. The Company has increased its market share of commercial wireless radio equipment, becoming the world’s second largest supplier. To achieve this, Kenwood has speedily complied not only with various countries’ laws and regulations on radio waves but also with digitalization of radio equipment, which requires cutting-edge technologies. The Company has supplied radio systems that require extremely high reliability, privacy and security, durability and operability. This can be proven by the fact that Kenwood has been providing equipment — to the Team McLaren Mercedes of formula one (F1) auto-racing as an official supplier for 15 years. Today Kenwood products are distributed in over 120 countries throughout the world and enjoy a reputation for reliability and technological innovation. Kenwood is committed to developing and building the finest quality components with state of the art technologies. At Kenwood they understand and believe that precise technology is one of the cores of reliability and quality. One of the foundations of success is the ability to listen to the dealers and customers to build the right products that give more for the dollar. Kenwood Communications Corporation is a company on the move, growing and changing with the customers and their needs.